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Who we are

We are for women.

We stand with women who hope for a better life. Strong, beautiful, courageous women who are ready to take control. Women who are tired of fighting, women who have been carrying the burden alone. Women who have been surrounded by hopelessness, brokenness, and darkness. Women who desperately seek the light.

We are not designed to do life alone, our community makes all the difference. The Lovewell Foundation exists to be that community.

We support. We encourage. We partner. We equip. We love.

Lovewell Foundation dares to believe that we are not broken women, we are women who need people to believe the truth about who we are. We are worthy, we are valued, we have purpose and a destiny. Lovewell Foundation boldly expects that change can, and will happen. We find opportunity.

We are here to change the narrative, to speak YOU CAN when the world has said YOU CAN’T. We are here to bring strength when they feel they are weak. We are here to remind them that their life has meaning beyond the moment, and that life always holds more for them.

At Lovewell Foundation we work with women who are rebuilding their lives. We work with counsellors, social workers, local businesses, and our social enterprise café Lovewell, to train, reskill, and rehabilitate women as they establish a new life.

Our Mission

To champion all women to know that they are loved, respected and created with a purpose


Enabling women’s safety, empowerment and independence

Who we are

Sunflower House

Better Futures Program | Training & Employment | Socials

Lovewell Cafe

Partnering with Lovewell Foundation, Lovewell works with women who are rebuilding their lives. Our café provides a safe place and community for them to grow into their purpose. At Lovewell we want customers to know our narrative and the women behind these stories – the WHO we are, the WHAT we do and the WHY we do it.

Volunteering and Mentoring




What the Lovewell Foundation has done for me, is hard to put into words. I am a different woman even from three months ago because I know that I am loved, cared about and valued. I am shining, because the team around me have given me the courage to try.   I so appreciate all their encouragement and support” – Jane